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Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz, Játék The Rise of Atlantis online

Space Castle Rows of space monsters are descending on your colony at an accelerating speed. Use your ground defense shuttle to eliminate them before they land.

Valiant Rescue 3. Delta Fighter A terrible accident has created swarms of mutant monsters determined to destroy mankind! Keep an eye on your fuel level at the bottom of the screen, it decreases as time continues.

And, of course, be careful of all the danger ahead! Directional Pad: 8 directions A button: Shooting, continuous shooting faster 4.

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Star Ally A civil war has broken out in the Galactic Empire. Fight your way through waves of enemy fighters in search of the rebel leader. Directional Pad: 8 directions A button: Fire 5.

Aero Engine A fierce battle rages in outer space. You command a starship flying between the planets, trying to destroy the invading alien armada. Pick up one blue power sphere for double fire. Directional Pad: 8 directions A button: Fire 9 6.

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Zero Tiger 7. Submarine War An environmental lab created mutant pests that endanger the land. While facing an overspread of pest disaster, your mission is to fly your fighter plane and eliminate them all. Star Fighter Player guides a tank to protect the base. You can prompt to the next level by shooting enough airplanes.

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If you are shot, you will lose a life. Game will be over if you lose all 3 lives. Bugs Player guides a ladybug battle in a forest. You can use A button to attack, and collect items to power up.

Tank Guide your tank to move forward. You can shoot A button or use cannon B button to destroy your enemies. Cannon will level up to missile when you get a power up. Also you have a bar of HP, each time you are shot you will lose some HP.

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When your HP is below 0, game over. Block Flying Fire falling blocks to fill in the spaces. When an area is full, it will vanish! Make sure you destroy all the blocks. Bolt Fighter A purple-red fighter plane is bravely combating other different enemy fighter planes over the sky of ocean and continent.

Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz

Directional Pad: 8 directions A button: Shoot at the flying objects B button: Shoot at the ground objects Last Cabra Defeat the enemy air force.

Watch out for battle stations hidden on land. Defeat this flying fortress and you will win the game! Directional Pad: 8 directions A button: Fire Colony There are 4 rows of sea monsters descending upon your colony at an accelerating speed. Your mission is to use your defense shuttle to eliminate all sea monsters before they reach the bottom.

Directional Pad: Left and Right A button: shoot Skies of War Controlling your helicopter to avoid the enemy attack and try to destroy as many enemy planes as possible. Aimless Guide the cross to aim NPC and shoot them.

Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz

Don't shoot bombs, or you'll be hurt. After you shoot off a number of NPC, you can pass the level. Bubble Guide your avatar move under the water. Shoot bubbles to stick NPC. If NPC fall to the bottom, you'll lose a life.

A : shooting bubbles Direction key: move the avatar. In each turn, you have 5 chances to attack NPC. If you can not shoot them off, game over.

Jatekok Játékok, minőségi online ingyen játék részletes magyar leírással! A JatekokXL. Itt megtalálhatod a legjobb játékokat az egész család részére!

Direction key: change direction. A : shooting B : moving In each turn, you have 3 chances to attack NPC. Watch out for the bombs.

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Direction key: moving. A : shooting You can search NPC Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz the radar Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz the bottom. After you shoot off all NPC in the stage, you can pass the level.

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  3. Olvass többet hétfő, június 15, Új játék hozzáadva: Zumba Deluxe Play this delightful marble shooting game that you can enjoy in the comfort of your mobile device.

Ghost Palace Guide your avatar to shoot off ghost fire in the air. Be careful of fireballs and arrows. After you have a certain points, you can pass the level. A : shooting B: jump Resistant Guide your avatar to shoot off NPC from far and near.

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Watch out and don't be shot. Racing Fighter This is a game of speed and passion. If you can arrive at the end in time, you'll pass the level. Don't hit the obstacles in the road though you can shoot them.

A : shooting B: speed up Strafe This is a shooting game. Guide the cannon to shoot off monsters. You can pass the level after you gain points. Weald Gunman This is a shooting game. Guide your avatar to shoot off UFO from far and near. After you shoot off all UFOs, you can pass the level. Air Power Guide your avatar to destroy bugs in the stage. After you clear all the bugs, you can pass the level. Don't waste of your bullets. Cruiser Guide your air fighter to destroy enemies in the space.

Then you may get items to gyógymód minden féregre up. After you beat the boss of the stage, you can pass the level. Garden War Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz is a shooting game.

Guide your avatar to shoot off bugs from far and near. After you gain a certain points, you can pass the level.

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If you are hit, you'll lose a life. Warfront This is a shooting game. Guide your avatar to shoot off enemies from far and near. After you kill all the Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz in the stage, you can pass the level. Also, you can use the radar below to detect enemies. Aether Base Guide your cannon to protect your base. Shoot off enemies from far and near. You can also shoot off slugs from enemies.

Don't forget to use bomb if you are in danger.

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A : shooting B: bomb Sky Wing This is a shooting game. Guide your air hero to shoot off enemies from far and near. After all 3 lives lost, game over. A : shooting B: self protection Through Man This is a breadthwise shooting game. After all 5 lives lost, game over.

Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz

Reach the destination within the time limit and advance to the next level. Runner Car You must race over a long city street before running out of fuel, but watch out for other racers and road hazards like rocks.

Racing Boat This is no quite float down a lazy river! Race your boat down the river as far as you can before running out of fuel.

Watch out for other boats and hazards, but try to scoop up the green fuel tanks floating in the water! It A pinworms átfertőződik speed and reflexes to win! Follow the twisting road and watch out for rocks, puddles, pedestrians, Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz other vehicles.

GP Race Race your motorcycle through the city street. Along the way, pick up fuel to increase your score and keep from running out of gas.

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You can drive on or off the road, but going overland will really slow you down. Can you make it home safely? Truck Race Your track is full of bricks you must deliver to the job site safe and sound. But with so many obstacles and people in the way, the trip is more complicated than you can imagine!

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Dump Lorry Race You must race against time, guiding your 4x4 over a long road. Watch out for sharp turns and other drivers. Be careful, it takes speed and skill to win the race! Fast Race Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for an exciting road! Avoid all the other cars and obstacles by careful driving and skillful jumps. Bump off a green racer to score points. Pick up canisters to score 50 points and to add 5 more seconds to your time.

Be careful not to hit the wooden bridge! Race until time runs out and see how many points you can score!

Learning languages. What schools have you attended? Are you gifted in something? Are you specialising in any subject? What are arts and science subjects?

Excel Racing Gather all of the flags and return to the starting line before being tagged by one of the other racers.

You have a limited supply of bombs you can use to hold back Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz opponents. You lose the game if you run into bombs or collide with other racers. Motor Rally Race your motorcycle against time, but watch out for other motorcycles and obstacles.